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Have you ever noticed how some Shopify Apps on the Shopify App store have these badges that say “💎 Built for Shopify”

Well Klip has finally passed the evaluation for the status after months of hard work and ensuring that the app is up to Shopify’s standards!

We owe this achievement to the dedication of our team and the trust and feedback from hundreds of merchants!

What is the Built for Shopify Status?

Showing the Built for Shopify Status on Klip Coupon's App Page on the Shopify App Store

Shopify has developed a set of quality standards to help app developers create high-quality apps for Shopify Merchants.

The Built for Shopify status signifies an app’s alignment with Shopify’s quality standards.

These standards generally cover factors crucial for enhancing merchant experiences:

Safety, security, and reliability

Merchants want to know that apps are safe, secure, and reliable. Apps need to use a specific set of approved tools and make sure they install and uninstall properly.


Apps should perform quickly and exhibit good scalability for merchants and their customers. Shopify measures how apps impact the performance of the Shopify admin, storefront, and checkout processes.

Ease of use

Shopify requires apps to be intuitive, seamless, and well-integrated into the Shopify admin.


Shopify regularly assesses an app’s usefulness to merchants through a rolling time window, automatically evaluating its usefulness based on the number of installations, reviews, and average rating.

Customer Support

Shopify recognizes the importance of customer support in app development. To qualify for the status, apps must maintain an active and responsive support channel. Klip shows this with its highly engaged support team, ensuring swift responses, from troubleshooting coupon issues to accommodating feature requests.

App info and benefits

Shopify examines the completeness and accuracy of app listings because they are vital as the main source of information for merchants assessing the suitability of an app.

Given these factors, we can say that an app with the Built for Shopify status is not just functional; it’s exceptional.

How do Apps get the Built for Shopify Status?

The graphic Shopify sends Apps to inform them that their app now has the "Built For Shopify" Status

To attain this status, apps must undergo an evaluation process. This evaluation is based on a criteria designed to ensure that only the highest quality apps receive the Built for Shopify status. 

Once an app meets all the necessary criteria, it becomes eligible for the Built for Shopify status. 

Once eligible, Shopify will evaluate the app—a process that can take anywhere from days to months to complete.

The journey doesn’t end once the app has been approved. Apps will be continuously evaluated to determine if they still meet the criteria for the Built for Shopify status.

That’s why Klip always ensures that the app stays in line with Shopify’s standards.

How to find all Built for Shopify Apps

With over 8,000 apps available on the Shopify App Store, it’s essential to note that only around 400 of them hold the ‘Built for Shopify’ status.

Every Shopify merchant wants the best for their store. Fortunately, Shopify allows merchants to easily filter apps by the ‘Built for Shopify’ status.

To apply this filter, simply click on the designated button visible on the Shopify App Store. The apps should be easy to identify since they have a badge that says “💎 Built for Shopify”

Showing how to activate the "Built for Shopify" filter on the Shopify App Store. Simply click on the "Built for Shopify" button on the filters.

Now, you can browse through the Shopify Apps that have the ‘Built for Shopify’ status!

What’s Next for Klip?

Klip has lots of exciting features lined up for the next couple of months! 

We’ve been actively gathering feedback from the expanding community of merchants who use our app, and we’re shaping our upcoming features based on their valuable input.

If you have any features you want to suggest, feel free to send us a message! We would love to hear your ideas.

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