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Drive More Conversions

Increase sales with high-converting clippable coupons directly on your product pages. Eliminate the need to manually enter codes and boost checkout speed through immediate, hassle-free discounts. Entice customers to buy more and buy now. 

Klip Discount Coupon on Shopify Product Page
Analytics Dashboard for Klip Product Page Coupons

Simplify Your Promotions

See what's working! Gain real-time insights into which coupons drive the most sales. Our intuitive dashboard lets you easily track performance, adjust strategies instantly, and make data-driven decisions that boost your bottom line.

Match Your Brand

Design eye-catching coupons that match your store's style with full control over text, colors, and fonts. Branded coupons grab attention, build trust, and keep customers coming back.

Customize Design of Klip Product Page Coupon

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Increasing sales is just a click away. Install Klip Coupons today on your Shopify store or explore our demo store to see how it works.

Real Results

See How Klip Boosts Sales for Shopify Stores

Film Friends

Klip is awesome for adding a coupon that applies immediately to the order. It is so easy and so simple and so clean it is surprising that Shopify doesn't have it native! I would highly recommend it. Its already on all my products. Give that little extra boost.

Moose in the Barn

Love this app! Such a unique feature that I haven't seen before! Excited to give my customers a new and easy way of saving. It was so simple to install and get a discount going quickly. Very user friendly for the customer as well. I definitely recommend Klip.


This is a great app. Customers are able to clip the coupons on the go and the best part is that they show on the product page. This way the customers are able to see their discounts in the cart and not have to worry about entering codes.


Klip coupons is an innovative app that really enhances the customer experience. A unique concept that utilizes coupons to provide discounts, % or fixed, for customers. I would recommend this to any store owner who wants a high converting add on and more efficient way to introduce discounts on their products!

Sickout Texas

Great App, Beautifully designed. Easy to set it to match your brand's palette. Had a sale using the Klip my first week installed. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a properly designed discount button for their web store. Two Thumbs Up!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With Klip Coupons, the power of promotion is in your hands. Offer either percentage-based discounts or fixed amount off deals. Perfect for any sale strategy you're aiming to deploy.

Yes, you can! Klip Coupons comes with built-in analytics that let you track how each coupon is performing. You’ll see how many times a coupon is used, the sales it generates, and its overall impact on your store's performance.

Absolutely! Klip Coupons is designed to work seamlessly across all Shopify themes. If you run into any snags, though, we're here to help make things right.

Yes! With Klip Coupons, you can set not only the start and end dates but also times for your campaigns, plus limit the total number of redemptions. This gives you full control to run exclusive, time-sensitive promotions that drive sales.

Customization is a breeze. You can change colors, text, and even the layout to ensure your coupons match your brand perfectly. Just hit the "Customize Design & Feel" button when you create or edit a coupon, and express your brand exactly how you want.

Currently, Klip Coupons is designed to allow one coupon per purchase to keep things simple and prevent any discount stacking issues. However, we’re always evaluating user feedback for potential new features!

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